Algorithm Changes June 2016: Algorithm Prioritizes Friends, Family, & Other Core Values

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The secret behind Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has been guessed at for years, with published algorithm updates that help support the various theories out there.

However, Facebook recently opened the curtain on the “core values” it uses when determining what shows up in a user’s feed. Facebook became known as the social platform to connect friends and family, which is why most of the News Feed is filled with posts from those users care about most.

Now, Facebook states that posts from friends and family will get top priority on users’ News Feeds.

After posts from friends and family, Facebook prioritizes posts that “inform” and posts that “entertain.”

Other core values include posts that represent all ideas and posts with “authentic communication.”

Facebook also emphasized the user’s ability to hide posts, unfollow other users and Pages, and the user’s ability to prioritize their own feed with the “See First” function.

Lastly, Facebook reiterated the goal to always improve the News Feed and user experience.